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release time:2019-03-04

since ancient times, we have never lost the genus of landscapes, flowers, birds and worms in our lives, and they have gradually become the necessary decorations for our lives. if one day suddenly misses one or two of them in life, then life is like something missing, and it seems that there is less natural and life. at present, china's urbanization process is accelerating, and many natural scenery are disappearing. we are more and more ugly in the city, and there are no more ancient villages in the village. everything is getting farther and farther away. however, in the hometown of huishang, not far from us, there are still precious cultural heritages that our ancestors gave us.

therefore, in the autumn season, the dragon company joined hands with the members of the longxing world. members came to huizhou, which has a long history. they walked freely to see the blue waters of the river, smelling the flowers and listening to the birds. melodious

we first came to xin'an river, the mother river of huizhou merchants. here we have inherited the ancient and long-established huizhou merchant culture. on both sides of the river, the mountains and the mountains are winding, the cuigang overlaps, the mountains are high and low, and there are waterfalls. a good "cool world". in this regard, the tang dynasty landscape poet meng haoran poem: " lake through the cave wide, the river into the new anqing. "these beautiful scenery can only be experienced by boat and drifting. fortunately, we boarded such a small boat. after the three or three, the tea was smashed, and the riverside scenery was freely browsed. when the river was down, there were baisha bridge and zhuchi. , fengfengshan, meicheng, liu changqing villa, twin towers lingyun and other places of interest, can be described as "good morning scenery, painting boat viewing". in the embrace of nature, we are in love with the mountains and rivers.

on the second day, we came to the tangzic village, which is known as the “ten bridge and the appearance” and “one village, three hanlin”. this is a huizhou ancient village with a long history and profound human settlement. the tang dynasty was hailed as the “model village of the tang dynasty” because of its economic activity and simple folk customs. come here, look at the two eyes, the natural beauty is not very beautiful, especially the garden scenery, can be described as unique.

through the exchanges with the locals, we learned about the history of tangmo village, which was originally created by the great-grandfather of the tang dynasty. it is said that in 623 ad, wang hua’s descendants moved back to their hometown and first lived in shanquan temple. wang sili, who is nearly ancient and rare, is versed in astronomy and geography. he used the gossip to meet the lion rock opposite the shanquan temple, and there are a large number of lush ginkgo trees planted by his great-grandfather, which is considered to be a treasure of feng shui. therefore, wang sili moved to the lion mountain to live. through the efforts of future generations, zhongwang street, liujiayuan, taizitang and other buildings have been established here, gradually forming a village where families live together. it is also the hard work of the ancestors that has the "tang mo village" that we have seen today.

here, we no longer simply see the mountains and rivers, but also see the history and culture that carries the sweat and hope of this ancestors. we like this mountain and admire its ancient history and long-standing culture. the hope and life of this river of life is endless. we are grateful and cherish everything we have at the moment! i sincerely thank dragon company for accompanying this event. we also thank all the employees of jixi longyi resort hotel for their thoughtful service and hospitality!

although the journey is over, the meaning of the trip is always in the heart.