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vision and mission


continuously increase the user experience, continue to optimize products, and become a quality manufacturer in the 3c accessories industry.

continuous product technology innovation, improve product quality, improve product productivity, strengthen management, and become a pioneer in the development of 3c accessories industry.  

02 mission

let global users experience high-quality 3c accessories.

let china's 3c parts industry continue to lead
let users experience products with better quality and more technology
build a platform for employees to achieve self-worth and make their lives happier.

core value


pragmatic, innovative, struggling, synergy, dedication, gratitude

truth-seeking: communication is based on facts and work is based on data.
innovation: innovative thinking, technological innovation, process innovation, management innovation.
struggle: keep your heart and passion, and continue to learn and grow.
collaboration: mutual cooperation and mutual assistance, and strive to achieve common goals.
dedication: i am an operator and the interests of the company are related to me.
grateful: grateful to the employees, grateful to the users, and grateful to everyone who is on the road to development.

hard work

hard work is the fine tradition of the chinese nation. it is the foundation for the development of zhize science and technology. it is the work style and mental state of zhize. it is not afraid of any hardships and difficulties. it is willing to pay all the energy to realize the company vision of 3c accessories quality manufacturers.

jingtian lover

god-loving people are the soul of our company. they are the principles and aspirations of our work. we must conform to nature and do things that are reasonable. we are grateful and awe-satisfied with society, work, employees, family, teachers and colleagues. strive for progress, make unremitting efforts, and finally meet a bright future.

keep improving

keeping improving is the attitude of zhize people's work and life, the pursuit of things, whether it is treating products or treating work and life, striving to be perfect and perfect, and under the facts, constantly innovating and researching to realize the happiness of the tai family. life and company mission.

value proposition

01 advocates

create value, achieve results, and grow

create value: based on your position, accomplish work goals and tasks
achieving results: results-oriented, working hard to achieve goals
continuous growth: constantly explore and learn at work, let yourself be professional and professional.

02 objection

negative energy, inaction, negative

oppose negative energy: maintain good morality and self-cultivation, and convey positive and upward language and behavior.
opposing inaction: clear job responsibilities, do your job well, and don't mix your days.
oppose negative: maintain a positive working attitude, not passively absenteeism, and not pass negative language and behavior.